Tayside NOS


Video clips are filmed on miniDV professional camera as well as using video mode on a Fuji FinePix camera. Clips both on YouTube and in the Local Group’s website promote the work of the Tayside Support Group.


Simple edits were done using Ulead or Pinnacle Studio 12

Typical time involved:

  • Filming, 15 mins to an hour on location
  • Capture of miniDV takes ‘real time’ to real time plus 50%
  • Editing (for YouTube 10 min clip limit) 20 min to one hour per clip
  • Rendering 10 mins to 20 mins
  • Upload to YouTube 40 mins to 2 hours



[PBM Video] [YouTube Clips] [Wellgate center] [DD One Awards] [Freedom Hair] [Race for Life] [Tayside NOS] [Oranges & lemons] [Baby Jane] [Firestore FS-100] [1st time hire?] [Video Editing]

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