Firestore FS-100

Considerable savings in ‘post shooting time’ (and so money) can be made on bigger shoots by opting for the additional hire of the Firestore unit. With DTE (Direct to Edit) the Firestore is simply plugged (Firewire connection) into your computer and permits direct transfer of the store video to your hard drive or even editing to the final footage using the Firestore as a remote ‘external’ drive.

As the ProJVC camera is not needed for transferring files from the Firestore (it is needed to transfer from miniDV tape to you computer) , the camera need only be hired for the days your are filming on, so the relatively time consuming copy/edit stages will only require hire of the single Firestore unit until you have all the footage stored on your own hard drive

NB. When filming it is important you choose a video format for the Firestore that is of course compatible with your editing program, as many basic video software programs only handle a limited number of file types.

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