DD One Awards

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NB PBM was on site to shot stills only of the fashion show (not video)

The event had a couple of problems, one was the discs they had for the show (TV’s) screens were not compatible with the player, so PBM pulled the ‘rabbit out of the hat’ and rush provided on-site editing the files to a compatible standard DVD disc! In addition one of their cameras (to be used to provide a vision only feed to the TV’s) was out of action, so we ended up providing a live video feed, unfortunately the filming location for the ‘vision only’ filming was right next on of the PA speakers, and there was no time to arrange an audio feed from the sound desk, which would have enabled ‘clean sound’, hence the poor sound quality!

Filmed on the ProJVC DV/HDV camera, recorded to tape.


Editing done using Premier Pro, and output to DVD quality as an AVI file , then rendered down to YouTube resolution as a MPEG 2 file in Ulead to meet YouTube’s 2Gb / 10 min flile size limits

Time involved:

  • Filming, afternoon & evening location, shooting just over an hour of raw video (when not busy taking the commissioned still photographs)
  • Capture of miniDV took approx. real time plus 100%, so about 2 hours
  • Editing the final videos about eight hours
  • Rendering time took about 4 hours
  • Upload to YouTube approx five hours



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